What we offer

Iron Core Bootcamp puts you in the best physical condition of your life, at your own pace. We specialize in hybrid Bootcamp classes, and offer Spinning only classes as well. All of our classes provide a fun, but challenging, workout in an upscale, modern environment.  Our instructors create unique classes driven by motivating music and engaging personalities, all while focusing on fitness and achieving goals.

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Why Ironcore

Why ironcore?

Plain and simple, we want to see you sweat!  Our H.I.I.T. classes are varied class to class and no two workouts are ever the same.  Expect to burn up to 750 calories during each 45 minute class.  However, the burning doesn't stop there.  You'll continue burning hours after your workout is complete.  We call that the Halo Effect!

Our Team

Alex instructor
Alex O.

Alex has been involved in some form of athletics for as long as he can remember, “It’s simply a part of my DNA.” As an athlete, he trains using full body, functional movements and likes to do the same with his clients. Alex strongly believes that an individual's body can …

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Max instructor
Max Z.

I wasn’t always into fitness. In my early 30's I was out of shape over weight and a complete mess. I battled with addiction to food and struggled with depression. Luckily a friend of mine asked me to join a gym. To make a long story short I was 250 …

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Karen instructor
Karen V.

Hi, I am Karen Velasquez. I am 33 years old and a single mother of a wonderful 9-year-old boy. I graduated in Performing Arts from the National Pedagogical University of Colombia. Afterwards, I taught Body and Stage Presence for a few years. I am certified as a Personal Trainer with …

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Gunnar instructor
Gunnar S.

Meet our dedicated personal trainer, Gunnar Schellscheidt. Gunnar developed a profound love for sports and fitness at an early age. Growing up as a soccer player, he went on to play in Rome, Italy after high school, and then later pursued higher education at Northeastern University. Eager to delve deeper …

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Gabby instructor
Gabby N.

Gabby has had a passion for movement her entire life. Gabby graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Exercise Science Applied Kinesiology while being a member of the Rutgers University Dance Team. Upon graduating, Gabby went on to become a personal trainer and began teaching fitness classes. Throughout the …

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Joe instructor
Joe K.

Joe is a fitness & wellness enthusiast who enjoys everything that gets the body to move and feel good. When not running or doing some HIIT exercises, you will find him on the indoor bike power cycling or riding to the beat. Joe discovered the magic of indoor cycling 12 …

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