Max Z.

I wasn’t always into fitness. In my early 30's I was out of shape over weight and a complete mess. I battled with addiction to food and struggled with depression. Luckily a friend of mine asked me to join a gym. To make a long story short I was 250 lbs in February, by the time it was July I was 190 lbs! I have a deep passion to just move, whether I lift or jump! It’s the only way I live now and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Through my experiences I know what it is to get stuck and persevere through difficult times. I believe if I could do it, anyone can! Be grateful and kind, fight like a champ! Always put one foot in front of the other, because no matter the pace, we can absolutely accomplish anything!

Education: _

Certification: American Academy of Personal Training

Specialties: H.I.I.T.; Bootcamp

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